Saturday, October 21, 2006

The very first time

This is about me. My life in a nutshell.... a very small...tiny....minute....miniscule nutshell. Don't expect anything out of it either. Reading this blog may not be a life changing experience or even make you wonder and think about the meaning of life.

This blog is about me....what I was....what I aspired to be.... what I've become. At times I may stray from the topic of me but then again I know that it will be linked to me one way or another..... just apply the 6 degrees of separation formula and you will eventually come back to me.

The reason for this blog - reminding myself of my thoughts. Something that made this ethereal idea in my head seemed real. That it had existed and now taking into some earthly forms. Honestly...I am afraid of not being real. That what I experienced was just dreams.This blog helps alleviate that fear. My way of reaching for immortality no matter how far fetched that sound in this vulnerable life.

So a blog is created. It is of no significance ...except to this writer.