Monday, November 24, 2008

To be or to be more

I need to be more, I long to be more.... more then what I am. My Basics Training gave me the beliefs that I should strive for excellence, being better then what I am today. It is an amazing feelings knowing that I am put on this earth for something more.... that I should think out of the box, think big, dream the impossible.
I got one foot in the door....signed up and commited for my Advanced Living despite having 2 calls on the dates for the Advanced. Any time before the Basics, I would have given up just by looking at the dates, thrown in the towel, raised my hand in surrender, thinking it is impossible to change calls last minute. But f I didn't try, how would I know I would succeed. So I tried.... I begged... I made deals with the "devil".... gave my 110%.... and I got it. I got the calls changed. It is an amazing feeling getting the impossible done. It is liberating. I achieved what I set out to do. Next step is to get off from work on those dates, an equally tough tasks, considering that it will be a stretch of 3 days of leaves that I don't have. Hmmmmm.... I need to be creative. Its all about placing the other foot in.... and I am in.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Never Been To Me...

Last week was the most exhausting and yet enriching time I ever had. I can't remember the last time I ever felt so alive. I bought a ticket to the the most fullfilling journey. I am so excited.
Ted introduced me to Asiaworks, said that it would help me find myself. Hmmmm.... I was abit sceptical but I enroll into the course not knowing what to expect. They say it can't be explained because it is all about the experienced.... so enroll aje lah.
90 total strangers packed in a hall for 5 days.... given the chance to experience the magic of being alive, being human. We did crazy exercises that in any other circumstances would be thought to be insane.... but what we got out of it all was self awareness, self importance, self esteem, life's purpose. I never thought that a short period of 5 days just being in a room of strangers would thought me to love myself, to appreciate who I am .... to find my purpose in this world. It was liberating.
Now I have goals that I never dare to set. I am setting myself to experience life, the way I had always imagine it would be. It's OK that I fail.... but I will keep setting higher goals, coz if I never stop.... I never really fail. And if I succeed..... imagine the priceless rewards it could bring.