Thursday, July 02, 2009


My last entry was 4 mths ago. I have neglected my blogging for a very good reason.... I got married. Few other stuffs happened and I have been so so so busy to blog.

March 20th-22nd:
I Had my LP 123 third weekend, ending the 3 months journey of self discovery. It was an eye opener, looking at myself in a different light. I will never have it again...

April 8th-12th:
Staff Advance 128. Another amazing experienced. Ted was our captain. He proposed at the LPO in front of the graduates. He took my breath away.

June 6th:
Our wedding day... I am the happiest and luckiest woman alive. I so love him

June 12th
Our Reception in Merak Kayangan. He blew me away and I knew he love me as much as I love him....if not more.