Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 365 No 5: Setapak At Night

Nikon D200, f/5.6, 1/4sec
This was taken a few nights ago. I love our apartment view at night.

Friday, April 08, 2011

CAKE For Iqbal

This is a sequel to my last blog about Iqbal and his wish.

He asked for a cake shaped like a truck 3 days ago. I put up the request in Facebook immediately and the response was amazing. What was more amazing was when Asnida put up his story in her Facebook and the response was overwhelming. A group of Outsource Caterer managed to get the cake to him the very next day. They came all the way from Mantin Negeri Sembilan and the cake was perfect.  They even refused payment.

En Hamzah, En. Abd Rahman and Pn Ana...Angels in our midst

On that day itself, Iqbal got 2 other cakes from Rakan IJN and another NGO. Both shaped like trucks.

Today, Asnida called me early morning and said that she has another cake for Iqbal made by her neighbour. I thought why not. Iqbal asked for only a cake but he got 4 in total. Murah nya rezeki anak ini!

The Firefighter truck from Pn Lin

I was amazed by the willingness of strangers to fullfilled a wish by a child that they don't even know! A lot of angels out there and I am so grateful that my decision to send the wish to others was met with overwhelming response. Just like what Ted said, it would have been good to get the cake for Iqbal myself but to actually shared and allowed others to contribute was what this journey of giving is all about. Sharing the act of giving is more rewarding then I could imagine. Contribution And Kinship Experienced = CAKE for Iqbal story is an example of how in the act of get more.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hoping For Miracle

Iqbal Fahreen is a 4 year old boy with a heart condition that was operable/correctable. But luck was never been on his side. From the beginning he had been put to the test on how strong he could held on. The fist surgery performed during his infancy put him in the hospital for months. He was so sick, I thought he would never pull through. But after 3 months we sent him home.

He was readmitted almost a year after that for another surgery when we found a block in one of the vessel. That admission was stormy to say the least. And yet again, he survived. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay away from us too long. He was readmitted few months after that with similar complications. Surgery was a bit too much so we thought a stent would be helpful. That also did not last. He came back to us last year, heart failing. Further tests showed the stent failed and his heart could not cope. A few months ago, decision was made by our team that nothing more can be done. There were only so much we could do but God had different plan. His parents took the news calmly...and they understood. Iqbal was sent home...and I pray that He would make it easier for him now.

But I guess again, God had a different plan. 2 weeks ago, his mom brought him back to us. His condition worsened but he is holding on. He is blue, bloated and uncomfortable most of the time and mom just want us to help him stay comfortable. So we admitted Iqbal and he is still holding on.

Every morning my routine rounds in the ward would include me popping by in his room, talking to his mom asking if he is comfortable. I never stay longer then a few minutes. For one thing, Iqbal is never happy to see me and for another, my heart breaks a little bit more with every single minute I am with him. So I stay away as much as possible. But today, I stayed longer. Chatting with his mom more then usual, I found out that Iqbal wanted a truck-shaped cake. Mom has made some arrangement for him to get one on Saturday but I was so afraid he won't last that long. 3 days can be a short while for those who rejoice, but for those who may never come.

So today I tried to get a such cake around Ampang/Setapak. I also tried posting request in Facebook. Luckily Asnida did the same thing and she managed to enroll a friend of a friend to bake him a cake tonight so that he can get one tomorrow....

I guess despite the tumultuous journey he went through all this years, God is finally answering his wish, even at this last moment. At least once in his lifetime, he will have this easy. Only for tonight, I am praying for his life to be a bit longer for him so that he will get his wish....

Friday, April 01, 2011

Project 365 No 4: Child at Play 2

These were taken last year Raya at Haris' parents new home. I had fun taking these.
Here they are especially for you Aida

Nikon D200, f/4, 1/160, ISO 320, 50 mm

Nikon D200, f/2.5, 1/160, ISO 320, 50 mm, +3 step

Nikon D200, f/2, 1/160, ISO 320, 50 mm, +7 step

Reunions Week

I read somewhere that true friends are the kind that remained close to you despite long absence... when you finally meet up, you pick up where you left of, never questioning why you never kept in touch in the first place.

I am so blessed this week that I had not just 1 reunion with some old friends but 3 reunions. Each one was special in its own way, filled with old stories and some new ones.

Last Sunday 27th March, I had brunch with the girls from my time in Seremban. Even though there were 2 missing girls, we had a ball of laughter. Old gossips intermingled with new ones. Airena picked a great place where we can enjoy good food and company. Cindy and Kerith took time away from their families to spend with us and it was a long overdue get together. None of us had changed much, still close knit and chatter box as always. It was great to see that all of us are in good places.

Then last Tuesday 29th March, we gals went to watch Lat Kampung Boy The Musical. Though it is not really a reunion of sort, but I caught up with Zila, Airena, Ai Leen and Sheela. I laughed so hard, my head hurts. Harith did an awesome job. He is a great entertainer for sure but with Lat he proved that he is also a great writer and director.

And tonight I caught up with a long lost friend Raoul. He disappeared a year ago. I heard rumours about him and tried to contact him but somehow he never returned my calls nor answer my messages. 2 days ago, I suddenly got an sms from him, wanting to meet up. When we finally did tonight, it was great. we talked and laughed.... he is still the old reliable Raoul that I know.

Friends are hard to find, even harder to maintained when you moved apart.... but you know you have a true friend when despite the distance, the love and the care never dwindled.