Friday, June 10, 2011

A New Skill....not yet

I thought last weekend was going to be a hell of an adventure for me. But I guessed what Ted said early, could have some truth in it.... Want to make God laugh, tell Him your plan!

It was planned a month ahead. It started of as a spur of a moment thing when I saw the deal in Groupon - PADI License for Open Water Diving classes for half the price. Without really thinking twice, I bought the deal for Aiman and I. Ted & I have been talking about diving a long time ago and I thought why not do it now. Half a price for a license and a holiday package of 3 days and 2 nights in Perhentian was a deal hard to let go. So Aiman & I were off to our theory classes and close-pool classes in the next few weeks. Theory was a breeze for me but Aiman struggled. As for the practical, we went on the opposite directions. Aiman was a natural and I struggled with my fear for the deep open water. Not wanting to give up, we went ahead with the trip to Perhentian to finish up the last part of the course...the open water.

We had a fun trip driving up to Kuala Besut, stopping in Kuala Lipis for lunch and enjoying the view as we drove along.

Arrived in KB early in the evening and checked into one of the local inns. After dinner at a local restaurant that cost a bomb ( RM 21 for a tom yam soup and fried noodle), Aiman & I parked ourselves in our room, revising the theory of diving. We slept early....

The boat ride to the Island was another thrilled for me. We got a quaint chalet near the reception and near enough to the beach, I could here the sound of the waves constantly. Peace and serenity......

Well we were in heaven on earth. Everything was beautiful, everyone was friendly and I was surrounded by the people I love.

Our first class in the open water started that afternoon...and everything stopped, at least for me. I did not survive the 5 meter descend. Being that deep in the open vast blue ocean SCARRED the living daylight over me. Suffice to say that I spend the next hour on the boat while Aiman continued with his new adventure. Ted kept me company. The next day while Aiman and Ted continued their adventure underwater, I stayed beached on the shore, contemplating my new found fear while practicing my old

I took a lot more than I could imagine....had the whole day by myself to horn my technique and artistic impressions. But the whole time I was thinking about not being able to dive. It was a revelation. Always thought of myself as a water swimming and the water. But it has always been in the surface. being deep in the water was totally new and scary. I was not even excited. Talked about it that night with Ted, and I decided to not give up. I am one of those people that will have to take the long journey.

The next day, Aiman completed his course and got his license. I was so proud and happy for him. The amazing part was he passed his theory with flying colours....sat for almost 3 hours doing the test while the questions were translated to him by our instructor Zamani, word for word.

Last day in the island, I chose to not give up. I gathered my courage and went in again with Zamani for a one on one practical coaching. We didn't go far and I managed to stay underwater for a good 40 minutes without surfacing. Mind you, I was still scared but I managed to control my fear. It was a relieved.

I will do this again next month....I will get that Diving Licence. It is a skill and a hobby that I would love. It may not be now...but soon.