Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stuck In The Middle

My worst nightmare came true last night. I was on my way out, going to the gym. Beforehand I was sitting at home feeling lazy. Options of staying at home stuffing myself somehow loose out to sweating on the I decided the gym. All dressed up and gearing to go. My back pack slung on my left shoulder.... water bottle and shoe bag in my left hand. Grabbed my keys from the shoe cabinet.... Locked the door behind me and ready to open the padlock on the grilled. As I stared down in my right hand, I heard the door closed behind me...... and the dreaded realisation that I have the wrong key!!!!! Can't open the door and can't open the padlock because the right set of keys is still sitting on the shoe cabinet inside the apartment..... I was TRAPPED!!!!!
I am the type of person that gets easily embarrased .... so screaming for help is not an option. Thank God I have my phone. Called Aida.... no answer ( she is at the gym).Called Asrof.... no answer.Called Asnida and told her my predicament. She is in Klang and Asrof not with her. Even if they are nearby, not much they can do to prevent me from being humiliated. Sitting there in my cage..... i was contemplating kicking the door. HHmmmmmmm??????
My front neighbour finally open his door and volunteered to called the guard. Few minutes later Aida return my call.... and everything happened at the same time... Neighbour came back with the guard.... another neighbour walked by with his family.... so much for not embarrassing myself.
I finally got my neighbour to take my padlock spare key in my the padlock and I was free. Rushed to Aida's to get my spare house key..... By the end of the night, I was so mentally exhausted from the embarrasment, I just went to bed and had a nightmare about being in a cage hung over an abyss.......