Monday, November 22, 2010

Triggering My Olfactory Memory

My grandmother died when I was still in India studying... that seemed ages ago. But I was home for the funeral so I did have my goodbyes with her.

I haven't thought of her for a long long time but recently, from a chanced encounter I was reminded of her. Tuk Cu used to apply a certain kind of hair oil. I don't exactly remember the name but I know the bottle and the smell. A few days ago, I saw the bottle in Mydin. I clutched it close to me and purchased it even though I don't use any hair oil. Immediately open the bottle at home.....and the smell took me back to the times when I followed my grandmother around visiting her children. I was practically raised by her in my early years because my parents stayed with her during their early part of their marriage. Then when my parents moved away, I still stayed with her. Sadly, I can't recollect events when I was with her, but I do remember her smell....and this particular hair oil have her smell. The smell gives me comfort and happiness. I love Tuk Cu dearly and today I missed her. Wish she could be here to see me happy, because I know Tuk Cu would have love to see me happy.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

One Reason

How do I know if I ever made the right choice?One of those moment when I knew I married the right man was when I see him with children... The spontaneous fun, the uninhibited game play, the unconditional love. I am blessed.
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