Thursday, December 30, 2010


The last few weeks have been quite eventful....I am too lazy to blog. Hopefully my love for writing will come back. For now.......

Monday, November 22, 2010

Triggering My Olfactory Memory

My grandmother died when I was still in India studying... that seemed ages ago. But I was home for the funeral so I did have my goodbyes with her.

I haven't thought of her for a long long time but recently, from a chanced encounter I was reminded of her. Tuk Cu used to apply a certain kind of hair oil. I don't exactly remember the name but I know the bottle and the smell. A few days ago, I saw the bottle in Mydin. I clutched it close to me and purchased it even though I don't use any hair oil. Immediately open the bottle at home.....and the smell took me back to the times when I followed my grandmother around visiting her children. I was practically raised by her in my early years because my parents stayed with her during their early part of their marriage. Then when my parents moved away, I still stayed with her. Sadly, I can't recollect events when I was with her, but I do remember her smell....and this particular hair oil have her smell. The smell gives me comfort and happiness. I love Tuk Cu dearly and today I missed her. Wish she could be here to see me happy, because I know Tuk Cu would have love to see me happy.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

One Reason

How do I know if I ever made the right choice?One of those moment when I knew I married the right man was when I see him with children... The spontaneous fun, the uninhibited game play, the unconditional love. I am blessed.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Double Wedding Weekend

This month of October is full of weddings. We are so blessed to be a part of these unions. Remind me so much of my own wedding and how it is all about celebrating couples in the most purest of forms.... celebrating love!

Congratulation to Steven & Emily and Puteri and Rudi.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Its His Party

Today, Ted Adzelan turned 45 years old. Exactly 12 midnight on 23rd October 2010, 7 of Mak's bakawali bloomed. Mak said it is the 7 angels that are guarding him. I think it is so true. Ted is so lucky in more ways then one.

He is so talented. Gifted with the ability to sing and plays the guitar, good enough to be able to entertained people. Not only that, he has a heart big enough to be filled with love for this universe, and I know a lot of people will vouch for this. He is passionate in what he does. Rarely I see him do anything halfheartedly. He will see everything till the end, until he can't go on anymore. The way he sees it, if you say yes to something, you better produced the best possible results.

I rarely see him unhappy. He believes in creating happiness and being 'not in the mood' just does not exist in him. Ted has so many opportunities to make it big in the entertainment industries but he is not driven by fame and fortune. If he ever wanted anything from his work, it is appreciation and to be given his worth.Though a lot of people don't see this, others that ever mattered does. So Ted only surround himself with people that matters to him.... selected people that he cares and love. So Ted is lucky in more ways then one....because he is surrounded by guardian angels in many levels and he stays true to himself.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 Weddings & A Reunion

10102010....what a day it was! We woke up in Setapak post-Tulip-Journey the day before. Laze around the apartment feeling the anxiety of the day ahead. Mostly because I have no idea of what to wear for the 2 weddings that day, partly because I will be reunited with some old friends which I haven't seen in ages....some more then 10 years. But thank God for the CWAKA Rovers that spend the night, my anxiety was masked and I did not have any panic attack.

We left for Aqasha & Zura's wedding in Sg Besi a little over 2 pm and Ted drove like a mad man, praying we won't be late. We miss a turn into the area which turned out to be a blessing. As we arrived at the roundabout into the Taman, we ran into the Groom's convoy and ended up joining them at the bride's home.

Aqasha looked regal in yellow surrounded by the turquoise-theme entourage. Mel and I immediately made our way up to see Zura, who looked radiant & glowing in her matching dress. She was calm and composed and beautiful.

Aqasha recited the Nikah in 1 breath and we rejoiced. So happy for them and now we can't wait for the reception on the 25th December!

We rushed back to Setapak after that to get ready for Mus's wedding. Surprisingly I remained calmed thinking of the reunion. Turned out my anxiety was just my imagination....met up with Zila, Liza, Nizam, Mark, Madi, Abg Jeff and Kak Lin....and a few others and we took off like we were never separated. The biggest surprise was that Sharm was there and it was lovely to see her again.

Mus & Halina made a perfect looking couple, equally gorgeous and regal. I shall not be able to list down the VIPs in attendance as there were many.... and a lot of the guest were star-struck! To me the whole thing was an event as there were many foreign Astronauts, not forgetting the Royal Family of Saudi of Arabia. My friend Mus has come a long way since our days in Manipal. So very proud of him. Another proud fact is that Halina's dress was created by my Georgian friend Ariff.....I am just blessed with talented and well-known friends.

We had a bit of a child-like fun when Mark suggested we take pictures at the VIP table, Dias and the wedding cake. Felt like old time....days when we were young again. Those were the days of reckless behaviour, innocent fun, unlimited possibilities! ....We never lost that child-like feelings!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Following the Yellow Brick Road

On the 9th of October, CWAKA Rovers-Pelopor set out on a tulip journey to track the treasure hunt route for The Pelopor's next adventure. Our Journey starts from the night before, learning about tulip  from Sir Ted.That in itself was a journey... learning something new about the world of treasure hunting.

We started the morning from Setapak later then we anticipated but made our way to Putrajaya just fine. weather was great and along the way we had a load of fun taking photos.

The end of our tulip tracking was at the Institute of Accountancy in Sabak Bernam. The place is impressive but we found a shore full of shells and that made the whole journey worthwhile.

From Sabak Bernam, we had to rush back to KL but unfortunately there were an accident in Subang. One of CWAKA's  proudest moment happened.... we basically took over the unfortunate event while waiting for the authority to arrive. Zaim, Ted and Haidy controlled the traffic, I tried to resuscitate the victim while Zila and Fiza patiently prayed for everyone. It was Zaim's idea to stopped and helped....which took  a lot of courage. Fiza who was driving,without hesitation, stopped our car. Adrenaline pumping & we rushed to the scene. Unfortunately, we could not save the victim.....

I had to commend Fiza who waited patiently because we were actually rushing to get back so that Fiza can deliver wedding cupcakes that was ordered earlier. So at midnight, after all the rush, she sat down and created the deliciously beautiful cupcakes in serenity. It was amazing how a situation changed... from chaos to calm just in a night.

But we followed the yellow brick road to wherever it took us....each playing our part. At the end of the journey we found courage, ideas, love and most importantly, we bonded.