Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Life's Lesson Learned The Hard Way.....

Ibu has been unwell for the past 3 weeks. She lost her apppetite, refused to eat, feeling nausea and at times vomitted. The first few days when these symptoms appeared, I concluded that it is just a stomach flu. I was having it, so was my niece. I blamed the trip to Mersing and said it would resolved in few days. While my niece and I recovered a few days later, Ibu's symptoms worsened. She hasn't eaten a proper meal for almost a week and she weakens with every second. Since she saw her Cardiologist few days to this, I naturally assumed that it was nothing I just started her on some antibiotics and anti emetics. Still the symptoms persist.

This bugs is a tough one, I thought..... or maybe something else. Something more psychological then physical. Maybe she is depressed and seeking some attentions. Ever since I moved to KL, I know Ibu is a bit upset and disappointed. Now all her children are far....and Ayah is always busy with golf. I thought she was ok about it....but what if she's not? Just to "humour" her, I brought her in for some tests.... frustratingly enough, all was normal. In fact here heart rate(HR) was amazingly normal at 60 beat per minute. I am saying amazing because Ibu's "normal heart rate" is above 100.... Looking back at this moment, I can't help but cursing myself for not seeing it. That was the sign.... the low HR. And now she has a new symptoms....blurry visions. Why I didn't pick it up then!!!!!! So Stupid!!!!!!

Anyway....few days later(which was yesterday), it occured to me to discussed the symptoms with a friend who knows more about adult medicine then me. We went through her symptoms and he asked me if Ibu is on Digoxin.Then I found out that Ibu IS on Digoxin....and then it all make sense. Rushed her to the Seremban A&E, asked help from a doctor that used to work with me, he took her blood and redo her ECG which almost confirm my suspicions. Her blood level of Digoxin was at a toxic level!!!!!

In a way I was relieved we found the root of the problems... now she is on her way to recovery. I wished I figured this out sooner.... but I guess it is better then never.

What did I learned from all of this????
1. I still don't know everything. I am grateful for friends who do....
2. Be kind to other people all the time because you never know when you will need their help. As in my case... I am grateful to Dr.Jay and Dr. Henning cause they helped my mom.... more then I did.
3. Ibu is a lot stronger mentally then we give her credit for.... if she is sick, this means she is REALLY sick.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

3 Days Weekend

1st Feb was a holiday for us who work in KL. It is a Federal Territory Day. Have no idea what that means but I welcome the holiday anyway, especially when it falls on a Friday & luckily it is a weekend where i don't have to work.It is a chance for me to spend time with my family. Ibu as usual had plan ahead to take a trip back to Mersing... She knows i need a mth noticed.
So of we go back to Mersing last Friday. Packed tightly in Ayah's 4 wheel drive are 5 adults with my 1 1/2 yr old niece. 3 big derriers women at the back can be quite uncomfortable but it was bearable for that 5 hrs.Mersing decided to welcome us with a thunderstorm. It was wet & we were freezing to the bone. Decided to have an early dinner and manage to take a tower-view picture of Mersing. Can't seem to download them here. I will try later.
Spend the whole second day just lazing around at Ayah's orchard...rain non-stop. Check out a fair in town, a semi-famous Malaysian artist was performing, took some pictures and found a stall that sell the slinky sling & rubic cube. My exciting moment of the day... Finally found them. Been looking for them and found them here. Go figure!! Tomorrow is a trip back to KL. A good quality time with family. Would have been great if Aida n family around.Anyway... It was good. Made me miss him less...

Jumping with Hayden

I am sooooo in love with Hayden Christensen. He is a sight for sore eyes and believe you me.... my eyes has been sore for the longest time.That crooked devilish smile,that boyish charms.... that intense twinkling blue eyes....
I went to see the movie,Jumper, not knowing he was the lead actor. Just thought it is an interesting science fiction and heard the special effects was unbelievable. It was. I was not disappointed. Finding out that he was in it was an icing on the cake.

I liked him so much in the Stars Wars prequel, even when he turned evil....wearing the black robe, transforming himself into Darth Vader. Because you have to love him.... He did all that to save the woman he love.
No different in this movie.... sacrificing himself to save the woman he adores. I made it sound like a love story, on the surface it is not. It is a science fiction thriller with totally awesome special effects. But in essence it is a love story. David Rice was smitten with Millie since pre school and he never loose the feelings despite having travelled the world, seeing everything from the most amazing spots. My favourite was when he was standing in front of Big Ben's face.... dangling from the long hand, the scene is so amazing.

I even tried to make my sister name her unborn son Hayden... I tried. But she doesn't have the same passion for him. Oh well.... it would have made a great story of how we came up with the name.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

First experiences

I saw 50 First Date for the first time last weekend. Its an old one. Been out for years but I never got a chance to see it. You would expect a silly slapstick movie from Adam Sandler , moreso when Rob Schneider act as the sidekick. But I was teary eyed at most part of the movie. Yes because I was laughing so hard (especially when Schneider got beaten up silly) but mostly because I found it warm and fuzzy in the midpart, sad and lovely at the end. Drew Barrymore provided the candy sweet element of the movie, playing the part of a girl who suffered a head injury which left her with no short term memory. She will experienced a whole day and not remember it the next day.
Then came Adam Sandler who was at first smitten by her beauty and later fell in love with her vulnerability. I loved the way he had to woo her everyday, in a variety of interesting and ingenius way in typically Sandler's comical silly ways. But the warmth part was how he made her experiences, special and memorable, even though she won't remember them. The first butterfly in the stomach....tingling sensation of the first touch.... rush of the first kiss.
To have all those experiences all over again....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Starting All Over Again

I have neglected this blog. Not on purpose but the truth is I have another blog I kept in Myspace and I frequent that website more then any others. least till recently. I haven't been able to log in there as often as I like to so I haven't been writing as much as I want to.

The other week, my sister in law enquire about my blog and I told her it is in myspace (which she found to be not easily accessible). She just mention that I should start a blog here..... suddenly ...voila..... a memory reminded. I do have a blog here.... just forgotten about it. So I am back here again.

Still wishing for immortality......