Thursday, July 02, 2009


My last entry was 4 mths ago. I have neglected my blogging for a very good reason.... I got married. Few other stuffs happened and I have been so so so busy to blog.

March 20th-22nd:
I Had my LP 123 third weekend, ending the 3 months journey of self discovery. It was an eye opener, looking at myself in a different light. I will never have it again...

April 8th-12th:
Staff Advance 128. Another amazing experienced. Ted was our captain. He proposed at the LPO in front of the graduates. He took my breath away.

June 6th:
Our wedding day... I am the happiest and luckiest woman alive. I so love him

June 12th
Our Reception in Merak Kayangan. He blew me away and I knew he love me as much as I love him....if not more.

Monday, March 16, 2009

LP Movie

Ever since my LP journey started, I haven't had time for my favourite past time - I saw a movie on ASTRO last night, The Freedom Writers. It blew me away. It is definitely an LP movie. It's about enrollment....About reaching for the impossibilities and achieving them despite all odds... It's about making a difference for others and yourself... About making a stand for your life and what you believe in...It's about exploring possibilities when you want to achieve your dreams...About support that are given when you's about being passionate for life...yours and others....
Just thought of sharing this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Bond Mended

My friend in Asiawork had a great idea of finally expressing her love for her dad... by having a picnic. Mind you, it is not a small task. Her idea of family means the father's siblings, their children, grandchildren and great granchildren ( all the cousin a friend of mind would have put it). All in all she invited about 90 over people ranging from 3 months old to 89 years old. It was a beautiful sight of chaos and unity. However I did told her a letter would have been effective and cheaper. Was I wrong.....

The family haven't had this kind of gathering in the last 30 years.... for whatever reasons. But today they all were brought here by invitation from my friend who is determined to bring the family together. She wanted to tell her father how much she loves him and to show him that family does matter.... no matter how big the differences are. They were united once again, introducing each family, playing games and karaoke'ing.... We were invited as a support for her. But by inviting me, she gave me more then I could imagine. She made me realised hom much I adore and respect my parents, how I love my siblings and my nephews and my nieces..... and that I am blessed to have aunties, uncles and cousins that still asked about me now and then whenever they meet my parents.

Its true that you can't choose who your blood is... but you sure hell can choose to be grateful for what you have.

A WOW Day - Doing, Being and Having

On the 17th January 2009, I learned that just by having ideas of being in contribution, in itself is very powerful motivation. But to reapt the reward, I need to put it into actions. To have means is to do and to be.

LP 123 decided to create a WOW day for groups of children. It is in line with our vision : Love Produces 1 World 2 Be Unit3d. We wanted to create a day of fun for these children from different backgrounds, race, creed so that they can be together to enjoy it..... and have fun they did. Not only they have fun, they were WOW'ed. The best part of it is that we were there to be with them. An environment of joy is contagious as even the adults were having the time of their lives, like they never did before. We were children again. But that was only part of it....

At the end of it, during the debriefing of our journey that day, I realised that not only we create a day of fun for them.... they gave something to us too without realising it. They gave us a chance to be what we always dream about. To be in contribution. To give others hopes when there is none. To bring others love when it is scarce.... for in the act of giving, we could also received hope and love. They accepted our loves with open arms and there is nothing in this world that is more rewarding then others accepting your love with no reservations.

I am so blessed to be able to be here.... where I am.... seeing the smiling faces. Exhausted as I was that day... I felt exhilarated and inspired to do more.... to be more.... to have more....