Tuesday, June 29, 2010


They say, home is where your heart is. At the moment, physically, Ted and I are in between 2 homes.
When we first got married a year ago, we moved into Ayah's apartment in Cheras. Ted renovate the place and made it cozy. It was fine till about 6 months back when the place got too congested and going to work means being stuck in jams for 3-4 hours a day.

Now we are setting a new place in Setapak which has been around for ages. Ted just never renovate it to make it livable, till recently. Now he is in the process of making it a home.

What I love about our new home is that it is about 10 minutes away from IJN... Sometimes I get to come back for lunch. It also has a pool and a gym, so that I can go exercise anytime I want(no more excuses of being fat). Ted is also creating a kitchen the way he would love it. Calling it the Black Rock! To top it all of, the condo is on the 18th floor and it overlooks an amazing view of KLCC and KL Tower.

But I guess no matter where we live, I am always home. Ted is always close in my heart and that is where his home lies...and mine in his...

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Monday, June 28, 2010

My new Baby...The BB

Ted bought a BB finally, a few months ago. I follow suit after a few weeks. Now we are learning new stuff about it....which is cool and made us love BB even more. I even will go far as saying it is one of the best phone/gadget I ever own.

Now I can check e-mail or even browse the net anytime, anywhere. I am able to take photos and share it with friends immediately. The other day while I was shopping for Harith's present, I saw this nice glass jar. I took a photo of it and BBM it to Ted immediately.
Just recently, we discovered the GPS in BB.... I am ecstatic. No more being lost or having to call Haris for directions. Since I am not familiar in driving in KL, the GPS really really helps. 

We also save on messages since we only use the BB messenger, which is free. The fun part is that we get to send messages to the Remedy members since all of us use BB. We get to have some fun and hang out with friends even if they are far.... how cool is that!!!!!

I even get to blog on the go....

Friday, June 25, 2010

要回家...Going Home (A Miracle)

I have been a doctor for more then a decade and in service with paediatrics for most part of it. It is difficult not to get attached to a patient but I somehow managed to. This I learned  the hard way a long time ago. You can't get to personal to a patient and his/her family because they will leave, in a manner sometimes that bring joy but in most, heartbreaking. When I was in training, I used to go home and cried for those that did not make it. So I told myself, I should never get too emotional. Empathize, yes....Care, yes....Show kindness, yes.... But never let them into my heart.

Safiyah... a month ago during MPO performances

Recently, I forgo this lesson... just for 1 girl. Safiyah, an 8 year old sweet girl, was admitted early March with a heart condition called Tricuspid Atresia, Double Outlet Right Ventricle, which means she only have 1 functional room in the heart instead of 2. She is borne blue and will remain so through out her life. Our aim of management in such condition is surgery, modifying the heart so that the flow will bypass the lower part of the heart straight to the lung so as to lessened her blueness. This usually take a few surgery from the day you are born up to the age of 10 years. So Safiyah was admitted this time for the final surgery. She was very blue when she came but nevertheless quite cheerful and chatty.

Over the next 3 months in IJN, she had 2 major surgeries and 3 minor ones. Suffice to say, her stay in IJN had been a tremulous one. A month ago when she had the last surgery, her heart becomes weaker and part of the heart was blocked. She became more blue and bloated. She was weak and at most part, was very sick. Our intensivist had "thrown the white towel" and basically told her parents that she wouldn't make it. There was even a part of me that made a silent prayer that if it would have lessened her suffering, then she should go... but God had grander and better plan. For the last 2 weeks, God showed us mere mortals, what miracle is all about. She became less blue, her lung that collapsed initially expanded beautifully, and she became less bloated. She was taken off ventilator about 10 days ago... and moved out of the ICU into the general ward. She came back to Anggerik 5 days ago....looking almost like her old self...cheerful and happy. Yesterday, she supported a fellow patient, another girl almost her age, while we took blood from the latter. Safiyah held Ain Aisyah's hand and told her to pray....along with her.

Today, Safiyah went home to Putra Jaya. I can hear her singing this morning, playing with Aisyah.... just the way God had intended a girl her age should do.

Today I was reminded yet again, why I do what I do... why I am still here despite the many heart breaks. I get to see miracle like this happen over and over again. This somehow makes me closer to Him, more then ever.

My patients' lives are not broken.... they are the chosen one, the one that is truly love by Him. Their journey in life are so clear, unlike some of us "healthy" ones who sometimes lead an aimless lives. They serve to show other people that miracle can happen and if you pray hard enough, believe in Him, you would have hope...something that we take for granted. My patients reminds me everyday to pray and hope... and this brings me closer to You.... to Home.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Water Babies....Sand Babies

I am always afraid of the deep blue sea ever since I can remember. I almost drown when I was 7 in JB. Since then... I have this fear being in the water. I always try to go in but somehow I never really stay longer then a few minutes.

But the last trip to Air Papan was really something. We had so much fun...in the water....in the sand. It rained earlier but by the time we reach there at 4.30 pm, the weather was just perfect. Sun was hidden and the water so cold. We played water volleyball.... failing miserably at it. Ayah taught Maira how to float on her back. We ended up being in the water for a full 3hrs...I came out twice to eat something and to help bury Hazrik in the sand,  then rush back waddling upto my chin and swimming.
Asyif had his first experienced playing in the water. Hakeem was already an expert. He practically ran into the water thinking he could just float. We had to catch after him. It was a lot of fun....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bakawali - Flash In A Pan

Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Dutchman's Pipe,Night Queen,Night blooming Cereus or Gul-e-Bakawali) is a species of cactus. The Chinese idiom 曇花一現 (tan hua yi xian) uses this flower (tan-hua; 曇花) to describe someone who has an impressive but very brief moment of glory, like a "flash in a pan", since the flower can take a year to bloom and only blooms over a single night. Therefore someone described as "曇花一現" is generally understood to be a person who shows off or unexpectedly gains some achievement and is thought to be an exception or only lucky.

Once in a blue moon, Mak's Bakawali will flower. Supposedly it is quite difficult to bloom but since I joined the family, Mak's plant had bloomed 4 times. But we have to see the bloom at midnight... which is a treat for me. It is not just an amazingly beautiful flower but it smells great. If you are patient enough, you get to see it opens up. It takes about half an hour to open from a bud to a full bloom flower.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Time Doing Laundry

It is early Tuesday, 22nd June and we are at the IJN laundry-mat waiting for our clothes to dry. I know its not the environmentally-savvy but it is convenient. Anyway I am using the facility provided and contributing to the income. The way I see it, its the quality family time that we need. It is fun in a way. Aiman is enjoying it as he gets to run around.... And spend time with his dad.

Ted and his little helper

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Balik Kampung

Mersing trip is not what I take lightly. First of all, I usually have to take long leave from work. Then there is the 5-6 hours journey. Sitting in the car that long is something I rarely enjoy.
But this time around, I am going back with Ted & Aiman. Though Aiman played PSP through out, Ted & I enjoyed our Malay/Indon collection.
We started out from Cheras around 10am, stopped over at Ibu's in Seremban for lunch (Achik's infamous Mee Bandung was the best). Continued our journey only to stopped at the Agro Farm in Kluang. I enjoy the journey with Ted coz we laugh, and sing.... Well he sang most of the time. Like I said before, it is not the destination that is important, but with whom the journey was taken with.
Arrived in Mersing late evening.

Ayah's orchard is bearing fruits. Durian dangling fom the branches, mangoes.... And rambutan was still green. Ayah said give them a couple of weeks to be ripe. Wonder we should make this trip again in 2 weeks?
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 AM

It is a quarter passed 4 am.... Can't sleep. We are sleeping in Cheras. Have not been back here to sleep since a couple of week. We are moving to Ted's condo in Setapak & busy setting up & renovating it. It is a rewarding slow process. Place is in a shambles but it already fills like home. But being back in Cheras made me feel that this is home too. Ted renovate this place too and it is so cozy and comfortable. I am definitely going to miss here... But looking forward to live in Setapak.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend of Celebrating LOVE

12th June last year was when we had our reception in Merak Kayangan. To us, it was a celebration of our love with friends and family. This year it was a setting for celebrating the love of our closest friend and my cousin.

The manner of which the celebration was created are so different.... nevertheless both were beautiful. Filled with love and happiness that only 2 hearts joined together could create.

My cousin Izzi married Rosman on the 12th of June. They had a simple Akad Nikah ceremony followed by the bersanding. The groom created a bit of a drama when he choked with emotion while reciting the Lafaz Taqliq.

We had a laugh when the old tradition of blocking the pelamin by the ladies asking for tol money. A tradition from the Johorean....which are hardly practiced nowadays. But it was fun to watch and we definitely create it not to clean the groom's pocket.

On the 13th June, we attended a garden wedding of Harith and Jezamine in Port Dickson. Though the number of guest were smaller, it was filled to the brim with laughter, music, emotions and love. The groom and bride walked into the garden all dressed in white with subtle addition of pink. They were both beautiful. The night was filled by heart felt speech and songs. it was a magical night...just as the Bard would described it.

At the end of this all.... the only thing I could think of is that the blessed union of soul could only create more love in me. I fell in love with Ted all over again and am grateful that we have each other.

In our journey to find a true one, there were many broken roads that became our Northern Star.....
Bless The Broken Road