Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This new relationship is a bit weird for me. I worked office hour, when I am not on call. Other then that I think I lead a fairly normal mundane existence. I go to work.... come back... watch the box... or sleep. Ever since I met him, it has been fairly exciting. He takes me places around KL that I never dare go on my own. Places that I never knew existed. Like this fishing place behind the Zoo.... or Galaxy, the so called shopping complex that is just 5 minutes from my place.... or even Low Yat Plaza, which always seemed so inaccessible due to the traffics.
He works when he wants to. when projects arises, that will keep him away at a week at a time. Like this time. He will be so busy meeting up deadlines, he doesn't even have time to talk on the phone, let alone meeting up with me. So, now I am back to my old routines.... watching the box at night.
It seemed to be easier being alone when I am suppose to be alone.....