Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last Saturday 23rd July, we took Aiman for his tuition in Subang Jaya. Ted finally enrolled him for an academic enhancement since he is now 10 years old and his academic records has not been that excellent. He has been attending the tuition for the last 2 weeks and he seemed to take in good stride.

Aiman is an intelligent boy but so far it has not been mirrored well with his academic achievements. He is a typical hyperactive boy and I can see that he has no patience in studying. It bores him and so he can't stand to sit for hours learning them. This is so typical of ADHD. Academic lesson in Malaysian school is a slow tedious process and for a boy like him, it is simply tiresome.

But give him something that interest him like football,futsal or music, he can sit for hours digesting them in. He can talk about them non stop and the information he vomited out are amazing. Just the other day in the car while driving him to tuition, he actually recalled a song that was famous 11 years ago, singing along to it, word for word. Then recalling the year from which it was first came out. Even Ted and I didn't know it. He is master at googling information from the net and this is definitely not a symptoms of dullness or stupidity....

I am not worry about him in school, and so does Ted. What we can do as parents is just to support his interest. But now, at this point in his life, he needs the academic achievement to give him a platform to be successful in what he decides for his future.... so this is why Ted is sending him to tuition. Like Ted always said, children in school are necessary as it is just the mean to get to the point.... Aiman just have to "do his time". My wish is that Aiman would not loose his interest in life and continue to strive what is important to him. Regardless of what the future lies for him academically, I am praying that he will grow up to be the man that we know he could be....just like his dad.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jamie & Landon - There You'll Be

Love is patient and kind, it is never jealous.
Love is never boastful or conceited
It is never rude or selfish, it does not take offense, nor is it resentful. 
Love takes no pleasure in others sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.
Love does not come to an end. 
There are three things that last, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is LOVE

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Love You A Bit

Tonight I was reminded of an old song sung by a famous songbird. It was my favourite for the longest time but I never got the lyrics translated till tonight. 
So in the words of Teresa Teng.... this is how deep a love could be.

You asked me how deep do I love you
I love you a bit
My feelings is true
My love is true
The moon represents my heart

You asked me how deep do I love you
I love you a bit
My feelings embedded
My love unchanged
The moon represents my heart

A gentle kiss
It has been touched to my heart
A deep relationship
That I still remember now

You asked me how deep do I love you
I love you a bit
You should think about it
You should take a look
The moon represents my heart

Teresa Teng-Yue Liang Dai Biaw Wo Di Xin

One More Night

Ted has been gone for 4 nights. This is the longest we have ever been apart since we got married. I miss him but I know he is coming back. Oh well, I know there are going to be more times apart and I should get use to it. Can't wait for him to come back.

This time alone has been utilized fully though. Managed to clean up the apartment a bit, did my laundry tonight and caught up with a movie on Astro. Saw Angels & Demons finally. Interesting theory about Illuminati and Christianity. I guess the world can be divided into 2 big group of people....those that believe in God and those that doesn't. Science has always question the presence of higher being, but I just wonder what made the truest form of science have such doubt? Every thing on earth has a Maker, so what is it about such people to question about the origin of a human being? Is it so frightening to believe that God exist? I would think that such faith makes living more purposeful.... to know that we have been created for some higher purposes.... rather then just exist for no reason at all. It is only natural to be afraid of the unknown but by having faith that there is a God out there, the unknown seemed less frightening cause somehow with faith, we can believe that the unknown....the future has been written for all of us. Resigning to fate just made it easier to bear the inevitable hardship that life has to offer. So why should we resist such believes that God is out there?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Passionate Living -NEXT Coach in Action

Ted is starting his journey as NEXT (Neuro-Empowerment Experiential Training) Coach finally. Set in Gunung Senyum, Sir Ted and the Pelopor Adventure Team Malaysia will be guiding the Yellow People into caves and more importantly a journey into themselves, in the next 4 days. This is one of many beginnings he had taken... One that he had taken multiple times and become so familiar with. One that he is passionate about and would not give up, even though it was paved with many obstacles and failures.
The only difference in this journey is that he finally get to create a training that he solely dreamt of ... It had come out from decades of experienced being in contribution and countless sleepless nights of readings and writings.
 Ted is so passionate about training, that it can only be compared to his music, his cooking and Aiman. After all, aren't they all...training, cooking, music and his son.... are about being in contribution to happiness and building relationships and bonds that are positive? Creating a future with people that truly cares... To talk the talks and walk the walks.
I am so proud of him at this moment and he made me love him more. I am just happy to be in his space, and to experienced the true meaning of being passionate...

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Goodbye Nomee

Today is Nomee's last day in IJN. I lost the only real friend I ever had here. A place that is stressful and competitive, having her to talk to has been one of the few ways to relieve the stress.
We joined IJN almost the same time 4 years ago and became fast friend. Nomee is friendly, polite, well manner and a load of fun. She is non-judgemental and always helpful. She truly cares about the people around her, her colleagues, her peers and most of all her patients. But what I love most about her is her unassuming intelligence...always up for a challenge.
I wish her happiness and hope that life would always be kind to her. I know we will always be friend and I am going to miss our little chats.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 Fever

I have to be honest here. I am one of the minority of the world populated people that do not follow the World Cup 2010. But I am amazed how much a game of football could create a world wide fever amongst its population. A lot have been said and shown of its effect on the human race....  and the animal too.

Men and women alike flocked to the "mamak's" or any restaurant that has wide screen TV, just to watch a match. They stay till the wee hour of the morning, abandoning their much needed sleep. Never had so much trouble to have a supper when a match is on. Then there's Astro, selling their Beyond subscription. I saw so many newly installed dark gray Astro satellites in the houses in KL....pointed out by Aiman of course. Home that does not have a 42" LCD TV would get one just so that they could experienced an amazing 3D-like match. The closest you could get to watching the match in person in the stadium. What a frenzy.

Then there is Paul the octopus. I think he just follow his instinct to eat but a lot of people interpret it differently. The poor creature probably could not tell the differences of colour let alone flags of each country. Because if he does, we might as well think twice about what we call human intelligence. those people who wanted to turn him or her into fried calamari should think again....isn't it like us human to kill the messenger just because we don't like the message?

Anyway, this is just my 2 cents worth of the whole ordeal with this year World Cup. I do see a lot of fun in it. It create such an animated conversation among colleagues at work and family at home. The status in facebook had not seen this many overturned of status and comments either.

Tonight the final match between Netherlands and Spain are going to be seen by billions of people worldwide. Imagine if the energy of such mass gathering be put into something like world famine, how much of mouth can be fed....

I just wonder....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smiling All The Way To The Top

There are 2 legends  about how Gunung Senyum got its name. 
The first one was about 2 warriors  fighting at the foot of the mountain with smiles on their faces. One of them died....of course with a smile on his face. 
The second story is about the Sultan of Pahang who passed by the unexplored mountain and asked his 2 guides the name of the place. They smile at each not really knowing the name. So as not to embarrassed them, the Sultan decided to call it Gunung Senyum. 
Trekking up to the caves through the 'kelapa sawit'

I was lucky enough to follow Ted on a reconnaissance  trek up Gunung Senyum. He had agreed to work with Pelopor Adventure to train some DiGi's personnel. They handle the outdoor activity while Ted and his NEXT coaches (Husna & Ari) handle the indoor. But to be able to connect the 2 activities, Ted decided to follow them up to the caves. So last Thursday 8th July 2010, 8 of us went up to explore some of these amazing caves.

The Pahang National Forestry did a  great job in maintaining Gunung Senyum as an area for nature lovers and trekkers. Gunung Senyum and Gunung Jebak Puyoh, situated about 40 km from Temerloh is well known for their limestone, bats as well as the 20 explorable caves.

Being inside each cave gave you a feeling of awe and amazement. Each cave has a unique name with mythological stories which made it an interesting adventure.  The name for each cave itself indicated not only the legend behind the naming but  described the limestone that formed at the entrance. What a journey of fairy-tales it was....

Gua Piala

Gua Kelawar
Bats flying all around us
Limestone carved by God
Gua Mata Air

 Gua Hidang....legend has it that it can house120 'dulang makan' which mean about 480 people can be served here

Beautiful limestone as the roof keeping the sun away...it was amazing how cooling it was

A ray of sunshine shooting into the cave...felt like I was on Raiders of The Lost Arc set

Husna making an eerie shadow in the space between Gua Silat and Gua Danau Impian

Listening to our guide telling the story of the garden where we are standing.... the Penunggu maintaining this particular area, supposedly the burial area of the Bunian

Striking a pose near the fossilized bark

Trekking into the entrance of Gua Angin... its like a set to The Center of The Earth

 The wall of the cave looks like Avatar

Our darling Husna volunteered to climb down the excavated grave in Makam Tok Long, picking up trashes left by some irresponsible unscrupulous visitors

In awe

Thank you to Pelopor Adventure and The NEXT coach, for allowing this novice trekker to experience an adventure of a lifetime....

The Pelopor Adventure and The NEXT Coaches...bunch of amazing energy

Smile! You are on Smiling Mountain