Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Made Me Feel His Love

Ayah has never been the one to show love. He is stern in his ways and always speaks his mind, much to our cringes. Relatives tend to stray away from him because of that, including me. As far as I can remember, he never verbally express his feelings of love... He will tell everything about his ideas and thoughts of things, but never love. But he is a gentle and patient man. See that the way he is with Ibu. His tirelessly fllows every whims and fancies of Ibu, everybsingle time. And with us children, his pockets are always full. No matter how much we want, he will give, unconditionally.

That was why today, I was taken aback from his gestures. No, it was not with words but as I salam him to say goodbye, he held my hand for the longest time and gave a squeeze. A gentle look from him and asked if I am ok...if I am good? How would he know that I am at worst moment now.... Not feeling appreciated, not feeling love. How did he know in that short of time I was with him. I wanted so much to tell him, let me hold me in his arms and tell me everything will be ok, but I couldn't. Today i felt his love....so how can anything be wrong in my world. I am so loved.

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