Saturday, October 29, 2011

Muruku For Love

Deepavali had passed yet again but I can still hear thunderous firecrackers while sitting up here in the apartment. People are still celebrating it the best way they know how. And as usual, in Malaysia another common way to celebrate is through food. Ted posted some Indian favourites in Malaysia and on Deepavali day we got a homemade Gulab Jamun to feast on. Muruku is Ted's favourite, it is his thinking food and we got some today from Thurka after breakfast.

But Marina Mahathir spoke about the celebration which is closer to my heart, the way I would have like it be celebrated.... Enlightenment in the way we think and live. It is ironic considering what has transpired around the world and at home before this week of Deepavali.  Somehow we need to see what is beyond   in front of us so that we can survive the future. Please read about it HERE 

Happy Deepavali friends...

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